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Below are the facilities managed by Sussex House Care Home

The Hub - Computer and Gaming Lab
Acute Care
Dementia Care
End of Life Care

Sussex House Care Home is registered to provide personal care and accommodation for people with mental health needs and is one of the two residential homes commissioned for Mental Health by the North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (http://www.northeastlincolnshireccg.nhs.uk/deliver-sustainable-services/mental-health/).

The Home has a kitchenette for the residents.

The Home has its own laundry and all towels and bed linen are provided. We provide a laundry service for personal clothing.

There is a hairdresser that come in for haircuts, perms and more elaborate treatments. Alternatively, should a resident prefer, their own hairdresser may come in.

A wide selection of books and videos are available in the activity room. Newspapers and sundries can be purchased from the neighbouring convenience store and chemist and a small shopping service can be organised daily. A safe is provided by the Home for personal money or valuables of clients.

There is a visiting chiropodist, optical service and dentist and other services can be arranged as and when required.

There is small private garden for the residents to relax and enjoy.

The home prides itself in providing the best standards of care, comfort and activities.

The Hub  

Enabling individuals to fulfil their potential through:

Talk, share thoughts, feelings and views.

Advice, a place to get advice, guidance and information relevant to individual circumstances

Support, discuss any support the individual does or does require, or if a referral is required

Change, small changes can make positive improvements to the wellbeing of an individual, set goals and discuss ambitions.

The Hub is a facility specifically created for the benefit of residents. It is situated in the heart of the home, it is setup with three computers, two tablets with access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp. In addition, there are two PlayStations and a Nintendo, providing an array of games to choose from.

Residents stay connected to the outside world whilst developing new skills, such as learning how to use computers, reading the news online, research topics of interest, online shopping, listen to music, watch films and videos and take, receive and print photographs for their rooms. The area is monitored to provide safety and support by staff, although the option to have privacy and participate with others is also available.

The room is bright, spacious and inviting, created with the intention to give residents the confidence and facilities to learn new skills, complete tasks e.g. online shopping, set goals, share their views and get engaged with the world.  The walls are filled with a range of helpful information, 

There is an area of privacy where residents can discuss and contribute to the compilation of their care plans, and risk assessments.  The Hub also provides opportunities for virtual meetings to be held with Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) involved in their care to ensure the continuity and progression of residents.

All bedrooms have en-suite facilities and can be personalised. 

The living area/communal area consists of two lounges, of which one is a quite lounge, dining room, activities/movies room, courtyard and an enclosed garden with patio.

We have close links to the medical centre, which is close proximity, and doctors can be arranged and we encourage residents to remain with their own GP.

There is a dental surgery in the vicinity. Our staff are able to facilitate visits to the dentist of their choice.

We also have visiting private physiotherapist, chiropody and ophthalmic services.


The quality and standard of the care we provide is central to our philosophy of care. The Registered Manager and our team of care staff take detailed accounts of the wellbeing and comfort of each resident.

We have close links Care Plus Group and have provided training for our staff.

  • The latest and most comprehensive assessment and management systems are used to ensure the best care for residents and an extensive range of specialised equipment is available to meet individual needs.

  • All staff are urged to take advantage of the NVQ training offered.

Residents are encouraged to remain under the care of their own GP.

Person Centred Software

At Sussex House, we accept referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week andprovideemergencyservices for adults experiencing an acute episode of mental illness but who do not need to be admitted to an acute crisis in-patient hospital ward. The length of stay can range from 1-10 days with an average length of 3-5 days.

We will provide humane, respectful, personalised care in a comfortable, supportive and safe environment. Our aim is for intermediary acute mental health care (crisis support) that is responsive, effective and appropriate and that promotes recovery so that the individual is able to transition back to supported living or to their own homes at the earliest. Our staff will provide a high standard of care which includes service user involvement and participation throughout the process so as to meet individual needs and goals.

In addition, we will provide post-care crisis home facilities – to those who have been admitted to our home for acute crisis care – so that individuals are able to drop in for a chat or cup of tea/coffee - thus providing interaction with our diverse group of residents and staff, at a time of need, thus providing preventive steps to avoid relapse and to provide support with their coping strategies.

We recognise the memory problems that some of our residents have and look to help with this by providing additional training to our staff and facilities. This includes specially focussed meaningful activities. Staff training has included the Dementia Course. We have appointed one Dementia Care Champions and focus on individual person centred care.

We recognise that the need and provide end of life care. Our staff undergo training and are experienced in providing this service.

We have our own visiting hair stylist who ensures our residents are always able to look and feel their best.


Our chef provides attractive appetising meals and offers special diets to meet individual requirements. Friends and relatives are welcome to join residents for meals with prior notice.

Breakfast, lunch and supper are taken in the dining room unless otherwise requested.

There are a summer and a winter daily menus and an example of a daily menu is shown below and you may have a look at our Daily, Easter Sunday, Christmas and New Years Day menus by clicking on the links:

Daily Menu

Easter Sunday Menu

Christmas Day Menu

New Year’s Day


Wi-Fi is available throughout the home and a big digit mobile handset is available for all residents, for communicating with family and friends.


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